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Drawing Investigations

Drawing Investigations is a Lancaster University research project led by Gerry Davies and Sarah Casey. It investigates artists and creative practices that transport drawing into unusual, and challenging situations, both conceptual and actual. Situated where drawing might be counter intuitive or even impossible, new and specialist relationships, languages or modes of drawing are developed through collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue. 


The questions the project asks are: 


  • Is there a contemporary site/sight sensitive drawing aimed at interpretation, investigation and understanding the contemporary world and experience?

  • How is drawing changed or advanced through these encounters? 

  • What is gained and where do we see the results? 


The project's initial outcome was Walking the Line, a research symposium in July 2013, followed by the ouput of group exhibition. External participants include artists such as: Leo Duff, Jill Gibbon, Lucy Lyons, Ilana Halperin, Emma Stibbon, Dan Shipsides, Sarah Simblet among others.

Casey and Davies have since co-authored a book on the topic.  Drawing Investigations: Graphic Relationships with Science, Culture and Environment (Bloomsbury, 2020). Read more here>>

The next outcome will be Drawing Conversations 3: Drawing Talking to the Sciences, a conference at The Ruskin Museum of the Near Future  alongside an exhibition Drawn to Investigate. These events have been organised in collaboration with Dr Helen Gorrill and The Ruskin Museum of the Near Future at Lancaster University.

Read the full call for papers here>>

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