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STILL/ WATERS/ RUN/ DEEP is a group exhibition at Tidespace, Kirkcudbright, reflecting on human entanglements with water, land and time. The exhibition brings together works by Sarah Casey, Gerry Davies and Peter Hewitt and runs 29th May - 9 June 2024. More details and opening hours via Tidespace website>>

About the exhibition

Artists Sarah Casey and Gerry Davies’ drawings, and historian Peter Hewitt’s sound piece, explore perceptions of water, landscape and time. Several new pieces have been created for this exhibition, in response to the landscape surrounding Tidespace. 

Sarah Casey’s ‘Emergency!!’ is a series of fragile, often sculptural, meltable wax drawings. Other works include portraits of post-glacial landscapes, drawn into rock flour created by glacial erosion that has been sourced from these landscapes. All bear witness to the speed of melt and emergence of change in glacial landscapes. 

Gerry Davies’ ‘Flood Story’ and ‘Raft Story’ drawings, made with liquid graphite on Mylar drafting film, conjure visions of futures in which the places we call home have been drowned in the rising sea levels. 

Peter Hewitt’s sound piece, charts changing relationships to local landscapes, through field recordings and morphing folk tales of nearby water sources and wells of near mythical status.

Poster image credit: Gerry Davies, Sunken Forest, 2024.

Poster Design credit: Jessica Chaney @Tidespace


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