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Henry Moore Research Fellowship 2021

From June 20th I'll be taking up a visiting research fellowship with the Henry Moore Institute.

The project looks at sculptural devices of inversion for articulating the tension between material absence and presence in the context of dialogues around the Anthropocene and materiality. This enquiry is related to ongoing development of work about domestic artefacts emerging from alpine glaciers as a result of climate change as the ice in which they have been preserved for 50, 500 or 5000

years is melting at unprecedented rates. This situation presents a compelling conceptual framework, focusing not what is lost (the ice) but the object that emerge as a result, an inversion of negative and positive.

During he period in Leeds, the research is focused on exploring the relationship between mould and stencil and the use of these devices to ‘cast’ ephemeral matter to give form to absence. It build on two initial points of reference in the collection at Henry Moore Institute: the stencils for Catherine Bertola’s dust installations and Helen Chadwick’s notebooks related to the period of making Piss Flowers 1991.

More information about the project and fellowship scheme is available here>>

Image: Experiments drawn from Light, Ice, and time (January 2021)


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