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Drawing Conversations exhibition

A pair of drawings from the series ' Shadow of a Trace', has been selected for exhibition in You and I are Continuous Beings' to celebrate the launch of a book 'Drawing Conversations', edited by Jill Journaux and Helen Gorrill.

The drawings are the product of the ongoing dialogue with Toronto based “Dress Detective” Ingrid Mida in our project “Exquisite Corpse”. The title refers both the historic garments at heart of our study and the surrealist game of passing ideas and objects back and forth to build new knowledge. This framework for dialogue has been reconfigured as a mutual a exchange of ideas and images across the Atlantic resulting in a new body of work including these drawings.

The drawings directly reflect the issues addressed in the chapter on “Drawing Out the Mute”, epitomizing an example of using drawing to “draw out” the qualities of a silent subject. This sense of silence is underscored by the palpable presence of the absent body communicated by the clothing.

The exhibition opens on May 2nd takes place at Birmingham City University Gallery and runs until 11th.

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