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An invitation to the Laboratory Of Dark Matters

On Friday 4th of August I have been invited to join the artists and scientists from the Laboratory of Dark Matters at Whitby museum to be talk about the work I made for my project Dark Matters: Thresholds of Imperceptibility. The event, organised by artists Elizabeth Murton and Susan Eyre and will bring together a range of creative and academic perspectives on the theme of dark matter.

Speakers include Susan Eyre (lead artist on the Laboratory of Dark Matters project), Emma Meehan (Senior Technician at Boulby underground laboratory), Dr Chamkaur Ghag (particle astrophysicist at UCL and Chair of Dark Matter UK), Dr Sarah Casey (artist) and Sarah Gillett (artist on the laboratory of Dark Matters). The free event is open to the public and is sponsored by the Institute of Physics More information about the event can be found here>>

The event coincides with an exhibition by the artists working on the Laboratory of Dark Matters at Ironstone Mining Museum in Cleveland 26 July - 2nd September 2017.

More information about the Laboratory of Dark Matters can be found here>>

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