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Ablations ( Mont Mine Rock)
Ablations ( Bertol Boulder)
Ablations ( Ferpecle)
Ablations ( Mont Mine Long)
Ablations ( Bertol Boulder)
Ablations (Bas Arolla Collon)

Ablations Series


Gold ink Riso Print

28 x 42 cm

edition of 25

Printed by Footprint Artist CoOp 

Images from the series are available for sale. Please contact  for details

Ablations are a series of riso prints developed from documentation of durational work made in response to glacial archaeology emerging from ice as a result of global heating.  The site-specific durational work involved exposing to the elements drawings  of glacial archaeology – made with waxed paper- at post-glacial sites in the Valais Canton of Switzerland. During exposure over time they gather the marks of the landscape, amplifying the conditions – like the archaeology and the ice in which they have slumbered for 50, 500 or even 5000 years – they will disintegrate if too hot and sucumb to the forces of wind, moisture and erosion. The risographs depict the process of wax drawings being exposed, and reflect these ideas of change and disappearance. The are printed in gold ink that reflects the light, making the image change depending on the viewer’s position.  Moreover, since riso printing is a method using plant-based inks, the risographs themselves will also slowly fade over time.

Each image is 1 of a series of 25.


This work made through collaboration with Musées Cantonaux du Valais during residency at Musée d’art du Valais (2023)and is part of the wider Emergency project.



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