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Rise and Fall 10:26
Rise and Fall 11:18
Rise and Fall 12:40
Rise and Fall 12:45
Rise and Fall: 12:46
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Rise and Fall: 17:36
Rise and Fall : 00:00

Rise and Fall​

An experimental drawing event, Kirkcudbright Harbour, Scotland.  25/05/24-27/05/24

This work was developed in collaboration with Jessica Chaney, Director of Tidespace

Image Credit : 17:46 & 12:00am Jessica Chaney @Tidespace

Rise and Fall is the title of a new time based drawing event developed collaboration with Tidespace director Jessica Chaney for the exhibition  STILL/WATERS/RUN/DEEP.

Rise and Fall  is a wax paper drawing that follows the tidal flow in Kirkcudbright harbour over 24 hours from 25-26 May. The work is a new development of the Amplifiers seres of work begun in Switzerland during artist residency at the Musee d' Art du Valais in collaboration with Musees Cantonaux du Valais in 2023. The Amplifiers are a series of drawing events where fragile wax and paper drawings were exposed to the heat of the sun in high mountain areas where glacial archaeology is found. The drawings reveal what are often invisible environmental forces- heat, erosion, wind. These drawings, like the ice and archaeology, disintegrate if too hot and the remnants carry the marks of the environment.


Rise and Fall, by contrast, takes place back home in Scotland, where the work has been reimagined for Kirkcudbright - a town on the river Dee an area which was itself once glaciated. Traces of this past can be seen in the drumlins lining the valley and the sediment washed out to the harbour. Here, Rise and Fall reveals the movement of the tides abound the fine rock sediment mud in the harbour. It is a marker of time and the changing landscape with the daily ebb and flow.

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